Kitchen Installation

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home. Since it is such an important aspect of every property, it’s essential that the kitchen provides an attractive design in addition to any requirements the customer wants (similarly to our bathroom suite installations).

When installing our kitchen units, we aim to provide our customers with the best standard possible for their budget. We attempt to deliver excellent kitchen units at affordable prices, and pride ourselves on our ability to achieve this.

M Brierley - kitchens 2

M Brierley - kitchens

Unfortunately, larger companies tend to overcharge their customers for the installations costs, even though they often supply the kitchen unit. We believe this is an unfair treatment and violates the customers’ trust, preventing them from receiving the best service possible.

As a local and small company, we respect every customer, and make sure that they receive the highest quality service possible. We appreciate that sometimes the asking price of a larger company’s kitchen installation is too high, and strive to provide as cost-effective service as we possibly can.

As with our bathroom installation service, we tailor each installation to each customer. Their requirements are important to us, and making sure we fulfill them is essential. Because we appreciate that every customer is different, and will require a design suited to them.

M Brierley Ltd attempts to deliver a low-disruption service. In essence, this means we attempt to minimize inconvenience as much as we can. By keeping facilities available for as long as we can, we help make sure that your day-to-day life is as uninterrupted as possible.

We are committed to high-standards, and believe that customer satisfaction is essential for us to continue expanding our client base.

A large amount of our work is gained through referrals, and so we want to meet all of our clients’ requirements so that they will hopefully recommend us to others.

This commitment to excellence has allowed us to achieve an average score (based on over one hundred and seventy reviews) of 9.6/10.

M Brierley - kitchen