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In some households, an electric shower may be a viable option.

Electric showers heat the water on demand, meaning that it doesn’t require your boiler to heat any water. This results in your boiler potentially consuming less energy, and helping minimize your heating bills.

Additionally, by not relying on the boiler to heat the shower water, it means that water is more likely to be a consistent temperature. In the event that the boiler shuts down unexpectedly, you will still have hot water.


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Your All-In-One Bathroom & Kitchen Contractor.

When installing your bathroom and/or kitchen, we are the only installer required to complete the whole service. We can finish every aspect, including; tiling, plastering, electrics, decorating, and flooring.

Our ability to deliver on your bathroom/kitchen electrics allows us to provide a more cost-effective service, as you don’t need to pay any other company to become involved.

By only having one company completing the whole installation, it makes it easier for you in the event of an accident occurring. This prevents companies from shifting the blame between one another, and means the issue can be resolved more quickly.